Main Tourist Attractions

Exploring Tumut’s main tourist attractions are a must if you are spending some time here. Check out the Traditional Craft of Millet Broom making, Taste why Hop’s are Tops with a fine local beer at the Tumut River Brewing Co or explore the regions many towns that each offer a unique experience to discover

Batlow famous for Apples and stone fruit which can be purchased from fruit stalls and orchards when in season or make a special visit and experience Batlow’s two major events the Apple Blossom Festival or Cider Fest.

Mt. Selwyn provides breathtaking winter scenery and some good beginner runs. It provides a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, service that makes you feel at home and totally modern facilities. For more information visit or call us about booking a Ski and accommodation package.

Take one of many scenic drives and visit the Snowy Mountains Hydro-Electric Scheme. Tumut 3 Power Station is Australia’s largest hydro power station. View the massive pipelines, the impressive Talbingo Dam and Jounama Pondage.

Yarrangobilly Caves are some of the most beautiful and ornate caves in Australia. Take a guided or self guided cave tour (open 7 days). Also enjoy the thermal pool (a pleasant 27 degrees), perfect for soothing aches and pains as well as picnic and BBQ facilities, walks and fishing. For further information phone 02 6454 9597.

The famous Adelong Falls with its rich gold mining past, is an ideal spot to have a leisurely picnic or BBQ, take advantage of the swimming hole or explore the unique surrounding area.

Blowering Dam is where Ken Warby set the world water speed record. Here you can go water skiing, windsurfing, fishing, rafting, canoeing, sailing or recreational boating.

Kosciusko National Park is 690,000 hectares of diverse natural landscape. Bushwalking, mountain bike riding, picnicking, fishing, caving, car touring, canoeing, and horse riding are just some of the activities enjoyed in the area.

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